Scenic mountain top view of Bowen Island mountains and ocean

To learn more about BLAST, please click on the accordion question below of our top Frequently Asked Questions.

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1. How many passengers can your LAND TAXI take?

We can take up to 6 passengers at one time.

Back view of taxi with snow, water and mountains in the background

2. May I call ahead to reserve a pickup time?

Yes, of course. We'd prefer it if you gave a reservation call.

3. How much do you charge for a ride?

The rates depend on the distance traveled from your location to your destination. We do not set the fare rates; they are assigned by the governmental taxi regulation commission.

4. What forms of payment do you accept?

For payment, we accept cash, and we have a machine that takes major credit cards and debit. 

5. How many vehicles do you have in your taxi fleet?

We currently have the one 6 passenger mini van, however we have just ordered the first TESLA electric taxi in BC. It should be arriving some time in 2017 and we're extremely proud and excited about moving towards a sustainable source of fuel.

Yellow Tesla Taxi cab parked on a cobble stone driveway

6. Is it true that you also deliver food?

Yes, we'll deliver your take out food for you for the price of the fare it takes to get to your place. You can check out our Facebook food delivery page HERE.

7. May I call you if I need a battery boost for my car?

Yes, of course. We'd be happy to give you a boost. Depending on where you are, the fee starts at $25.

8. May I book you to take me to the Vancouver airport?

Unfortunately, due to Transport Canada's regulatory guidelines, taxis must remain within their designated service areas, therefore we are unable to take you off of Bowen Island.

9. Will you deliver my wine and chocolates form the General store?

Yes we will, provided you can show us two pieces of valid ID that prove you are of legal drinking age. Give us a call; you'd be surprised at what we can do.

10. What if I need to move my table and chairs to my friend's house?

Yup, if it's not too heavy, we're happy to move some light furniture for you. Give us a heads-up call and we'll get you there if we can.



Please check back in the future for our updated services and schedules. 


11. How many passengers can your SEA TAXI take?

Our Sea Taxi can take up to 12 passengers at one time.

The Belle boat travelling across calm ocean waters

12. Are dogs allowed aboard the boat?

Yes, dogs are most welcome on our vessels providing that they are under their owners constant command.

14. May I bring my bike on the boat and how much do you charge?

Yes you may bring your bike aboard FREE of charge.

15. What's the easiest way for me to book a trip?

Our Sea Taxi is currently unavailable. Please check back in the future for our updated services and schedule.  

16. May I make multiple or repeat bookings at once?

Yes you may. Simply click on your desired cruise on our online booking page, and you will then be asked if you'd like to add another time or a repeat booking.

17. Do I have to show my reservation email?

Only if you wish, however our skipper should have a list of all booked passengers.

18. What if I have to cancel my trip?

If for some reason you must cancel your booking, you may reschedule your trip for another day through your confirmation email. If you cancel entirely, make sure it's more than 3 three hours prior to the sailing for a full refund. 

19. What if it's extremely windy or the weather is horrible?

Occasionally, the seas are too choppy for us to travel upon. As safety is our number one priority, we may have to cancel a trip. If this happens we will post a warning advisory on our website as well as send an email to all booked passengers as soon as possible.

20. Do you offer private Sea Taxi charters?

Yes, we offer private charters on the Bowen Belle at an hourly rate of $175 (plus taxes) with a one hour minimum. Our time is charged dock to dock which means the time it takes us from when we leave our dock, get to your destination and return to our dock.

Ocean and mountains seen through from window of boat